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Oral Presentation Guidelines


Speakers are asked to bring their PowerPoint presentations in standard 4:3 format to the session room (Grand C) on a USB storage device. The presentation computers will be PowerPoint 13 and the "presenter view" (notes) will not be available at the podium.

Please be sure to upload your presentation during breakfast or the morning break on the day of your presentation. If your talk contains multimedia files, please be sure to bring those files to the conference in case they have to be re-inserted into your presentation.

Presentations should be saved in the appropriate date and session folder and include the paper reference number followed by an underscore and the authors first and last name.

Speakers should arrive at the session room at least 15 minutes prior to start of the session to introduce themselves to the session chair.


Mac users should not use "drag-and-drop" to insert pictures and video files. Most problems, such as the infamous "red x" are the result of this. Using "INSERT' command from the menu will virtually eliminate these issues. The PowerPoint file must have the .ppt or .pptx suffix to be accepted. QuickTime movies (.MOV) must be converted to a PC compatible format before submission.